MDTA - Minnesota Debate Teachers Association

Question I understand that the MDTA has a Foundation. What are the procedures for making a contribution or applying for a grant?

Solution Actually the MDTA has three funds: The MDTA Scholarship Fund, MDTA Endowment Fund, and MDTA Program Fund. All three funds are affiliated with Minnesota Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) public charity under the Internal Revenue Code.

Contributions are welcomed. Specify the fund of choice, then mail your tax deductible gift to: Pat Perell, Executive Director, Minnesota Foundation, 600 Norwest Center, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101.

To apply for a grant from the MDTA Funds, contact MDTA President Cort Sylvester []. In preparing your application, provide a brief project description, anticipated outcomes, cost estimate, contact information for the project director, and completion date. MDTA Funds are not available for program operating expenses.