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MDTA General Membership Meeting


The Fall 2008 Minnesota Debate Teachers Association General Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday September 6th at Eagan High School from 12:00 - 2:00 PM in Lecture Room A. Below is the agenda for the meeting.

General Membership Meeting Agenda

Saturday September 6, 2008
Eagan High School
1.       Membership
a.       Review and update our membership database
b.      Discuss outreach efforts to increase our membership
2.       MSHSL Sections and State
a.       Review and Discuss section realignment
b.      Review,  Discuss and Vote on MSHSL Rule Changes proposed by the MDTA Rules Committee
c.       Review and Discuss plans to hold the MSHSL State Debate Tournament at the University of Minnesota
d.      Establish section dates and host locations for the 4 sections
3.       Financial
a.       Review and Discuss the current status of our organizations funds both in the St. Paul Foundation as well as in the MDTA Checking Account
b.      Review and Discuss our organizations past grant activity including the MITY at Macalester College and the UDL here in Minnesota
c.       Discuss plans for future fundraising efforts
4.       Outreach Efforts
a.       Discuss the current state of debate participation in Minnesota
b.      Identify and Discuss future outreach efforts to increase participation in debate across the state of Minnesota
5.       Public Forum Debate
a.       Discuss the current state of Public Forum Debate in Minnesota
b.      Explore the prospect of moving the MSHSL to adopt Public Forum Debate as a state tournament event either at the festival or the state tournament levels
6.       Other MDTA Business
a.       Seek candidates for the next election for President-Elect of the MDTA
b.      MDTA Ballots – Discuss whether or not we should continue to have printed and sell official MDTA Ballots for use at local tournaments
c.       Other Business as deemed important by the members present

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