MDTA - Minnesota Debate Teachers Association


The MDTA executive board along with the help of Ryan Ricard (point consultant/super spreadsheet designer) have put together the following MDTA Cup Point System.  (The points system need one final verification based on last years results but will be verified before the first tournament and any updates will be posted here.)

  •    Individual Points
    • 1 Point for Competing at Invitational Tournament (Sections, State and NFL do not count)
    • 1 Point for finishing 1 through 8th place, or qualifying to elim rounds, whichever includes more students
    • 1 Point for placing first at a tournament without elims
    • 1 Point for each elimination round won
    • Max of 5 points per tournament
    • Must participate in four in-state invitational tournaments to qualify for award
    • 1 Point for qualifying to state tournament
    • MSHSL State Tournament or MSHSL State Festival results do not count towards award
  • Team Points
    • Top 2 students on a given weekend in each type of debate count towards team points
    • Points each week count towards year-end results
    • All points for both individual and team are for the varsity division
    • A school that wins the overall award cannot win any of the remaining team awards
  • Tie Breakers
    • Total Points
    • Number of in-state tournaments
    • In case of 2-way tie / head-to-head results

The MDTA is excited to offer some great traveling trophies for the team awards along with individual awards for the top student/teams.  Results will be posted each week to the MDTA web site so individuals, teams and schools can see exactly where they are in the season-long Chase for the MDTA Cup.

MDTA Cup Results can be found on Ryan's blog.

Tournament Managers
Video on how to produce results for MDTA Cup.  Once you have created the CSV file e-mail this file along with any elimination round results to Ryan Ricard.